From: Xxxxxxxxxxx*
Subject: Re: Steve Detry
To: "Bjorn Davidsson" 
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 20:37:59 +0200
Organization: Privé

Hello Bjorn

I remember I sent this chain-letter.
BUT since Jan 1998, I have met the father of Steve. As you say it is causing
very big troubles to Steve and his parents. Steve is no more sick. HE IS IN
REALLY GOOD HEATH NOW. I promised him to do all what it was possible to do
to stop this chain-letter.
So I ask you the answer to all the name you find ("Answer to all") to STOP
this chain.
Answer to the press that Steve was sick but he is no more. It was not a
cancer of the liver. It was something else.
Please, for the Steve's family stop all sending of personal cards. I thank
you for him.
I know from his father that the chain began from his neighbour. Today he
still receive hundreds of letters a day. As he may not know what is the
difference between a personal letter and an answer at this chain-letter he
must open all. You can imagine ...
If you can write to the press don't tell my name. I would have big problems
Thanks a lot.

* Nafn sendanda fjarlęgt aš hans beišni.