The purpose of Netutgafan is to make public on the Internet Icelandic literature and other writings.

All corrections and reader's remarks are welcome and any help in carrying out this project would be very much appreciated.

Copying for private purposes is allowed without limitations, but we would like to know of any publishing of our material, whether it is on the Net or otherwise. We would also like to know of any links to this page.

Supporters of this project can write to us and we will put them on a mailing-list and let them know of all news relating to Netutgafan such as new and contemplated publishing.

Saemundur Bjarnason saemi@snerpa.is
Benedikt Saemundsson bac@treknet.is
Hafdis Saemundsdottir
Bjarni Sæmundsson bjarnisa@itn.is

Netutgafan has also a special E-mail address: netut@snerpa.is

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